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Empowering the world to flourish.

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A new community is waiting for you.

For many of us, life is full of ups and downs, challenges and opportunities. What if you could understand how to optimize these experiences and get insights from others around you to make life better?


As a member of the YouFlerish Community, you'll harness the power of a team of focused people, who like you, want to understand how to use the knowledge of their flourishing measure to drive well-being results and opportunities.

Our partnership with the Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University

In partnership with the world’s top subject matter experts at Harvard University's Human Flourishing Program, we’re participating in global research to deliver cutting-edge insights on how to help the world flourish.

Start the process of flourishing with your score. We measure flourishing across six domains to give you a full picture of your well-being.

YouFlerish holds an exclusive global license for use in a mobile device of the Human Flourishing Assessment from Harvard University.


The App

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Start with your Flourishing Assessment score.

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Focus on an improvement area.

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Join the YouFlerish Community for support and resources.


Flourishing means we can bring our whole-selves to everything we do.

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