Empowering the world to flourish.

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People are not thriving.

Employees can't bring their best selves to work.

Throwing more 'stuff' at them is not the solution.


It's about the transition of people from surviving...

... to thriving.


Whole-human wellbeing means we can bring our whole-selves to everything we do.

Flerish provides growth for both people and their companies.

“Traditional engagement surveys fall short as a measure of employee commitment. Belonging remains difficult to measure and even harder to scale. HR is positioned to play an ever-growing role in supporting the expanding health and wellbeing needs employees rely on to thrive."

Dr. Anna Tavis

Director of Human Capital Management

NYU School of Professional Studies

Our People-forward solution...a wellbeing app designed to help us all flourish.

Personalized assessments

Backed by science, driven by you.

Curated Content

Content delivery filtered by domain expertise, not reliant on SEO or 'pop' culture; optimized by AI/ML.

Accountability Network


Empower a team around you to keep you on track, provide check-ins and help you flourish.

For all domains of your life, get immediate, live-video-feed coaching to help you power through to your goals.

Our organization insights solutions...


wellbeing strategic partnerships designed to predict and enhance engagement.

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Flerish has a global exclusivity with Harvard University.


Flerish has a global exclusivity with Flourishing Metrics.


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