Advisor Breakdown: Glinda the Good Witch


Hello Flerishers—we have just one question to ask: Are you a good witch, or a bad witch?! Yes, it’s that time again where we take famous Advisors from pop culture and put them to the test to find out if they’re really all that they’re cracked up to be.

On the docket today? Glinda the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz, a movie that is almost 80 years old and has most likely been justifying children’s fear of bath time for multiple generations since its release.

Did Glinda steer Dorothy towards success, or send her down the yellow brick road of wasting time? Read on and find out!

She’s A Hands-Off Type of Advisor

Look, there are two types of people in the world, those who want your help on crossword puzzles, and those that don’t. If you’re the latter, Glinda is right up your alley. Glinda is not very forthcoming with information, preferring to send teenage girls, alone, out on quests that will ultimately lead to death, in lieu of telling them that the ruby red slippers could take her home at a moment’s notice (hold that thought). Where would the fun in that be?

The whole point of being an Advisor is to, ya know, give advice…that’s kind of hard to do when you keep nearly everything to yourself and let your Advisee go on a wild goose chase that involves flying monkeys and a scarecrow with a loaded weapon. Not only is that not efficient, it’s not particularly age appropriate either.

She’s Fairly Reactive

We’re starting to suspect Glinda phoned it in a bit—for instance, yes. She saved Dorothy and friends from the field of poppies that would have put them to sleep forever by causing it to snow…but she just as easily could have sent a messenger to help everyone avoid the potentially deadly field in the first place. She took the old “learn by failure” lesson a bit too far. (Note: It’s always taken too far if you’re put in mortal danger. That’s just good sense!)

Dorothy showed up in Oz unannounced, and yeah, Glinda took it upon herself to help her—but once you take that on, you should really try to, uh, help.

It’s starting to feel like Glinda didn’t even keep one eye on Dorothy, and would pop in occasionally, have an “oh crap!” moment when she saw she was in trouble (again) and quickly concoct up a solution. Which is great for resourcefulness, not so great for being proactive. It also explains why she’s absent for the whole Wicked Witch of the West captures Dorothy and mentally tortures her with images of her family looking for her.

…Glinda was busy, we guess.

She Withholds the Truth for No Real Reason

As we’re sure you know, Dorothy had the power to go home, all along, via the ruby red slippers. A fact Glinda conveniently forgot to tell Dorothy the entire time she was in Oz.

Take a moment and watch that clip. Here’s the context—Dorothy is emotionally devastated that what she believed to be her one shot to go back home to Kansas was ruined in an instant when the hot air balloon left without her. She’s crying on the platform, clutching her dog, and Glinda certainly takes her sweet time making her entrance before she addresses Dorothy. Additionally, she puts the blame on Dorothy for her (Glinda’s) choice to withhold the information on the ruby red slippers telling Dorothy that even had she told her the truth, Dorothy wouldn’t have believed her. How’s that for helpful?!

We’re trying to wrack our brains to come up with a scenario where this is remotely ok behavior on an Advisor’s part, but we’re coming up short. Only in a movie would this be passed as a touching moment of character development. In the real world, if your Advisor willfully withholds extremely important information related to you, we suggest you look for another Advisor, since there’s clearly no trust there.


Oh Glinda, Glinda, Glinda. We don’t know how you went so wrong here. Perhaps you need to take your own advice and follow the yellow brick road to ask Oz for a bit of leadership training. If that fails, we’re pretty sure Lacey, our CEO, would be happy to pitch in, because lady, you need it. We’re going to have to award her half a ruby red slipper and encourage her to seek out her own team of Advisors for improvement.

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