Team Report: The Good Place


The Good Place, currently in its third season on NBC, is about a group of strangers (Chidi, Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani) put together randomly in the afterlife and the fallout that ensues. Without giving away major spoilers for the series, we’ll leave it at that, but encourage you to watch the show because it’s fantastic. The whole idea behind the show is that ultimately, the people around us make us better people. So, we wanted to look at the group dynamics of The Good Place group and see if that’s actually true. Read on to find out.

They Take Time To Help Each Other

In the first season, it turns out that the group has been mistakenly put in "the Good Place" instead of "the Bad Place" and the group must find a way to earn their spot to stay in the Good Place. To do so, Chidi takes it upon himself to help teach Eleanor, Jason, and Tahani the basics of philosophy and morality, in the hopes that it will make them better people. Day in and day out (they do have eternity, after all) Chidi works with them, gives them books to read and leads philosophical discussions on right versus wrong with the group. (Which includes Jason, who if you watch the show, you know isn't the brightest bulb in the shed.)

It’s kind of an uphill battle, but Chidi cares about his friends so much, that he’s willing to sacrifice his time, energy, and patience (again, Jason) for the good of the group.

In the real world, that shows dedication and commitment towards the group that is admirable. Chidi was a professor in life and applies those skills in the afterlife to help his friends, even when doing so puts him more at risk of being caught. We'd all be so lucky to have a friend as loyal and dedicated as Chidi.

They Show Kindness to Each Other

Anyone who watches the show knows that Tahani is a bit full of herself, Eleanor is abrasive, and Chidi is indecisive. The group knows this about each other, and reacts with kindness at each other's shortcomings, rarely losing patience with each other.

Sure, in theory, The Good Place group has all of eternity to work out their problems, and who knows how many eons they've spent together throughout the show—and yet, all that familiarity never breeds contempt. They know who each other are and react to each other with respect and humanity. No one's shortcomings are ever used against them, nor are they held up as a personal failing. That's an incredibly healthy and comforting dynamic to have within a group—especially when you're trying to figure out the afterlife!

They Stick Together

At the end of the Second season, Eleanor was given the opportunity to go to the Good Place, without the rest of the group. She turned it down and chose to stick with her people—partially because being with them made her a better person.

On some level, the entire group realizes that when they’re together, they’re just better. Thrown together by fate these four people found a way to not only form a group but a close-knit unit that looks out for each other. Whether in the workplace or in your personal life, that's kind of the dream, right? To have people who care about you and accept you for who you are, look out for your well-being.

We kind of suspected when we chose The Good Place that we'd find nothing but sweetness and light (and a bit of hilarity) because that's what the show is about. Ultimately the message is that the people around us inspire us to be better versions of ourselves. You can't really argue with that, can you? So rather than be contrarian, we'll end this Team Report by agreeing with the underlying message behind The Good Place. The people who surround us inspire us, and we hope that everyone can be surrounded by people that inspire them to be the best versions of themselves.

Agree with us? Think we missed a vital component of The Good Place group? Let us know in the comments below!