Keep Flerishing, What Does it Mean?


So if you’re following our social accounts (and you’re following our social accounts, right!?) You’ve probably seen us use “#KeepFlerishing” in our posts. But… what does it mean?!

We think of success as an action, not a destination. It’s a verb, not a noun. It’s something you’re working towards every day with your team of Advisors by taking Actions—having Meetings, fulfilling Commitments, and learning from your Takeaways.

Your success is something we believe very strongly about, and know that you are capable of achieving, sustainably. So, when we use #KeepFlerishing, it’s our way of encouraging you on the path you’re on—one that we believe leads you to long-term success.

We know, we know, it’s cute. But we believe in you, and we believe in the journey you’re on, and it’s our way of telling you to keep at it. We see the hard work you’re putting in; and we know you’re going to achieve everything you want to. Just remember, #KeepFlerishing!