Tom Brady - Great Talent or Great Advisors?


Hey, ever heard of this guy named Tom Brady? We hear he’s pretty good…

Ok, “good” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what Tom Brady is. Whether you’re a Pats fan or not, you cannot deny this man’s accomplishments. He’s one of two NFL players in history that have won 5 Super Bowls. He’s been lauded as the MVP of the Super Bowl 4 times and has a career in the NFL that spans almost 20 years, and he shows no signs of stopping yet. When you go that far, sure, raw talent comes in to play—but what about his coach, Bill Belichick, who’s been with him his entire NFL career?

It poses an interesting question, doesn’t it? How much of success is raw talent, and how much of it is dependent upon the Advisors in your life?

So, the legend goes that Tom Brady was a later round draft pick for the New England Patriots, which makes him one of the biggest steals in NFL history. He had a good, if not totally remarkable collegiate career—he was the back-up quarterback for the first two years of his time at the University of Michigan and was starter in his Junior and Senior years. He had a good, but not superstar reputation when he went pro, and was the 199th overall pick in the sixth-round draft of the 2000 NFL. That is an accomplishment in and of itself—but you wouldn’t look at those stats and think to yourself “gee, this guy is most definitely going to be one of the most decorated NFL greats of all time.” Would you?!

So, what happened to make Tom Brady one of the #GOATS?

…his Advisor, Bill Belichick.

Every once in a while, magic strikes, and you get the perfect Advisor to help you unlock your full potential and really go for it. For Tom Brady, that’s Bill Belichick—the only coach he’s ever had in the NFL (and most likely the only one he’s ever needed, what with all the records they’ve broken….) Within the second year of working with Belichick, both won their first Super Bowl—it was magic, and something they’ve been able to recreate five times. Basically no one else in the NFL can claim that!

So, unless you’re Tom Brady (which in that case, say hi to Gisele for us, Tom!) what does this mean for you, in practical, non-NFL but real world terms?!

  1. Lean on Advisors to unlock your talent and potential. Much like Brady, whose trajectory was good but clearly didn’t hint at the greatness to come, it wasn’t until he had a coach that he clicked with did he become the Tom Brady we know today. Your Advisor can help give you purpose and light the spark to really inspire you on your path—all the while giving you an outside observer’s lay of the land that can help you move forward. Remember: all Tom Brady sees is the field in front of him, Bill Belichick has the vantage from the sidelines—he sees the whole game. That perspective is invaluable when you’re deciding what to do next.

  2. Don’t give up. If you haven’t found the right Advisor for you, there’s absolutely time. Tom Brady went his entire collegiate career being good enough, and no one expected great things for him. That is, until he found his right Advisor. You absolutely have the talent and power to make whatever goal you have in mind for yourself come true. Take a moment to take stock of the people in your life—do any of them inspire you to achieve more? Consider asking them to be your Advisor, and you’re well on your way towards the path you’re meant to be on.

  3. You are capable. Here’s the beautiful part of it all—Tom Brady always had the raw power to succeed within himself. Don’t doubt for a second that you don’t, either. All Belichick did was harness it into a winning combination, through guidance and coaching. Brady, at the end of the day, still had to meet those expectations. Know that regardless of who your Advisor is, you have it within yourself to meet your goals. It’s just a lot easier with the right people in your corner! 

We’re not saying rush out and try out for the Pats next season (unless that’s a goal of yours, then do it!) but we do think there’s a great symbiosis in the relationship of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick that could help you in your path towards improvement and personal success.

What do you think? Agree? Disagree? Are a diehard Packers fan? Let us know in the comments!