What the Grinch Got Right


‘Tis the season, everyone! By now the holidays are in full gear: parties, presents, and lots of holiday-themed options to stream! We wanted to take this opportunity to give our respect to one of the most maligned characters of the season: the Grinch.

Is he a misunderstood go-getter, or is he really as bad as they say he is? In today’s blog, we’re breaking it down, and we have to warn you: contrary to what the song would lead you to believe, the Grinch isn’t all bad. In fact, he got a lot of things right.

Read on to find out, now.

He’s Proactive

Look, everyone has that one relative that sits there, hating the season, complaining about how commercial it is and how the thrill of it is all gone. The Grinch is that relative—but he does what your complaining uncle never would—he acts on it. He decided to dress up in a red suit and remove the source of his annoyance: the presents under the tree, the food for family dinner, and basically anything that reminded him of the season, in anyone’s home. Oh, and he brought his dog along for good measure.

Is it malicious? Absolutely! Is it a felony? Most likely! (Note: we’re not lawyers, but we’ve watched enough Law and Order reruns to know you can’t break into someone’s house via a chimney and steal their possessions.) Should you follow in his footsteps? Oh, please don’t!

…So why is this something the Grinch got right?

We’re pretty confident you know better than to participate in some light breaking and entering—but sometimes, you gotta take matters into your own hands!

The Grinch saw a problem and came up with a solution to it. That’s being proactive, and something we (typically) encourage people to be.

He Thinks Outside the Box

So, if the actions (and reactions) of other people bother you so much, the logical conclusion would be to remove yourself from the situation. Emphasis on logical conclusion. This is the Grinch we’re talking about—he hates the holidays! Logic clearly has no place, here.

He hates the season. So, rather than remove himself from it, he decides to remove the season from everyone.

Is it wrong? Most assuredly!

Is it inventive? Oh, one hundred percent.

Sometimes you’re going to encounter problems in life where you’re going to be required to think outside the box, and problem solve inventively. Now, we’re hoping your solution doesn’t involve forcing your dog into a life of crime as the Grinch does—but sometimes the tried and true solutions aren’t going to work out for you. In those cases, you could do with a little inventiveness in the spirit of the Grinch.

He Reevaluates His Beliefs

Don’t worry; we’re not completely bonkers here—the best thing about the Grinch is that he’s willing to admit he’s wrong, and boy, was he wrong about all of it.

Once he realized that all of his dastardly deeds wouldn’t stop the holiday season, he finally understood what it was all about: being together with people who care about you and enjoying each other’s company. Rather than dig his heels in when he realized he was in the wrong, he changed and was forgiven. 

That’s incredibly powerful stuff if you think about it—it’s hard to admit when you’re wrong. It takes a strength of character to look inward and realize that maybe you’ve had it all backwards up until that point, and that you’ve possibly hurt some people along the way. The Grinch is strong enough to not only admit this but to seek forgiveness, which is granted. (We’re guessing, but you don’t get to carve the roast beast unless you’re forgiven, right?)

Ultimately, while the Grinch’s plan may have been a bit… flawed, there were some definite things he got right—mainly his ability to look inward and realize that he was all wrong.

We hope that your holiday season is filled with happiness, joy, and dogs that wear reindeer antlers only for their own personal reasons, and not for nefarious purposes.