Advisor Ghosts? Sure, Why Not? It’s the Holidays!


You there! What day is it? Wait, you can’t answer, can you?!

That’s ok, we’ll tell you what day it is! ‘Tis the day we take on the Ghosts of Christmases Past, Present, and Future to see if they were really able to help Ebenezer Scrooge, or perhaps they just scared him straight into not being such a miserable Scrooge.  (See what we did there?)

So, gather round, while we recant The Christmas Carol, and break down old Ebenezer’s team of Advisors.

The Ghost of Christmas Past

Everyone has a past, right?! (Don’t lie, we all have the cringe-y Middle School photos to prove it.) If you’re lucky, and you’ve been kind, a walk down memory lane won’t be a harrowing experience for you like it is for Ebenezer.

The thing about your past is that it shapes your present, and your future. You learn habits (good and bad), make connections with people, and make choices that all lead you to your present and beyond. Good habits, learned early, set you up for success later in life—and conversely, bad habits make your future a whole lot harder to manage.

The Ghost of Christmas Past had the thankless task of demonstrating to Scrooge, via Scrooge’s past actions and experiences, what the ramifications were to his present. Of course, no one really likes being shown all the times they made the wrong choice, or how painful past experiences shaped who they are today—so it’s not a particularly pleasant experience if you haven’t made the best choices (and we’re not just talking about unfortunate Middle School *lewks*, we’re talking the bigger stuff) to relive this. It’s a maddening, but essential exercise—if you’re not totally happy with your present, sometimes you have to go through your catalogue of past to see if there’s a pattern of behavior you need to break.

In a strictly Advisor sense, it’s extremely helpful to have someone who knows who you are that can help you pinpoint past behavioral mistakes to be course corrected to make for a happier present (and future.) It may get old constantly living in the past, but that’s why you have a team of Advisors to help you, depending on the task at hand. Which leads us to… 

The Ghost of Christmas Present

If the Ghost of Christmas Past helps Scrooge understand the patterns of behavior that have made him who he is in present day, the Ghost of Christmas Present is there to demonstrate to him how his behavior affects people around him now.

Think of this Advisor as a weather report—they help you read the room in its present condition.

…and yikes, for Scrooge, that prognosis is stormy!

Sometimes on our journey in life, it’s hard to remember that our actions have repercussions for the people around us. Good old Scrooge was a miserable human being, which made him a terrible boss, and deeply unpleasant to be around. This was a rude awakening for him to realize that he was a joke to his family; and that his put-upon employee (who was living in poverty with a very sick child at home) pitied Scrooge, due to the aforementioned unhappiness.

That’s a very tough pill to swallow, especially when it’s demonstrated by your Advisor.

The Ghost of Christmas Future

Here is where we really start cooking with gas—up until this point all the Advisors have done was demonstrate the root cause of Scrooge’s behavior and illustrate the impact it has had on him and his surroundings. There’s nothing he can do to fix that, unfortunately.

It’s not until we get to the Ghost of Christmas Future, do we start to have the ability to impact any outcomes. This Advisor clearly demonstrates the path that Scrooge is on leads to nowhere good—but the good news is, this outcome hasn’t happened yet.

While undoubtedly the creepiest of all Ghosts in whatever version you’re watching (even the Scooby Doo clip we found, which was the least scary, was still unsettling!) this Advisor is also the most hopeful, surprisingly—because there’s time to make this right.

(Spoilers to a nearly 200-year old story: Scrooge does just that. )

We’re firm believers that there’s always time to become better—and that’s what Advisors are there to help you with. To get the lay of the land, figure out what patterns of behavior lead you to the present outcome, and then work with you to find the happiest future. The best part is, your Advisors aren’t ghosts, so there’s like no chance of them haunting you, unlike this team of Advisors.

Look, we’re going to be fully honest here—this team of Advisors can help you time travel to the past and future, so there was, like, zero chance that we weren’t going to rate them positively on that basis alone. That said, while each Advisor taken individually may not be exactly ideal (seriously, you need to be well-rounded. Only living in the past, present, or future is pretty limiting to the advice and assistance you can provide) as a team they’re exactly what the ghost of Jacob Marley ordered, and for that we’re going to award them…well, what do you award a trio of supernatural beings, exactly?

You know what? We’re just going to give them a thumbs up, and a “good job”—because seriously, we don’t know what to give ghosts.

Happy Holidays, everyone!

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