Uh Oh! Did Justin Bieber Just Help Your Career Find Purpose?


Ok, sure, we get it. On the surface this seems like a mad libs type of blog post—we put in a bunch of words and promised Lacey that we’d write about whatever celebrity and verb we pulled out. We’d love to say that is true—but come on, you know Flerish doesn’t play like that. No, believe it or not, the Biebs is the perfect example of how you can find (and possibly make a few missteps on the way to…) your career’s purpose; and we’re not just saying that because he had a surprisingly good album by that name, although it does help our case…

He Started Broad

Justin Bieber came on to the scene when he was just a teenager, with some of the most generic yet-catchy pop around. He was non-offensive, and palatable for a younger audience—meaning he didn’t say or do anything that would cause anyone’s parents to raise an eyebrow…yet. He was just getting his footing, artistically, and had some massive hits, which we’d have to go check Wikipedia about, because while we know it happened, we can’t really remember any of the names. This is a very good thing, we’ll explain.

When you’re first starting out in your career, chances are, you probably don’t know exactly where you want to take it. Not only is that totally normal, it’s a very healthy thing—going all in on something before you know if you like doing it leads to burn out and stress. This is your time to test the waters and figure out what you want. To get out in the world, meet people, and start to build a name for yourself—which is exactly what the Biebs did.

You don’t need to make a splash or do anything super memorable—you just need to figure out what you like, and the path you’d like to proceed on.

He Messed Up a Bit (…OK, a Lot)

Look, we’re firm believers that there’s almost nothing you can’t come back from in your career, and in life… it just helps if you mess up when you have a bit of a reputation you can fall back on, which is what Bieber did. He had some very public missteps, which we won’t get into, but TMZ happily will, and yet still managed to keep his career and grow artistically. (Don’t lie, we know you started humming “Sorry” as soon as you started reading this post. We did the same, tbh.)  

What can you learn from the Biebs here? When you make the inevitable mistakes, you’re going to make as you find your path in life, own up to it and apologize (extra points if you can do it in a catchy song like he did.) You’d be surprised how forgiving people can be when you don’t try to make excuses when you misstep. Everyone makes mistakes—that’s usually not the issue. It’s when people refuse to own up to it, handle it gracelessly, or try to lay the blame on other people do situations escalate to the point of no return. Say what you will about Justin Bieber, he’s taken his knocks in the public eye, and seems to have grown as a result. After all, he’s no longer trying to smuggle in pet monkeys into foreign countries, so clearly there’s some growth there.

He’s Not Done (Yet, Or Ever)

As the saying goes: as long as there’s TMZ, there’s Bieber (ok, we made that up, but tell us you don’t agree…) Justin’s newest escapade involved getting married to Hailey Baldwin at the tender age of 24—it’s hard to remember how young he is because he’s been in the public spotlight for more than a decade. We’re sure we’re going to be reading about what he’s doing, and hearing music of his, for years to come—because growth comes with steps forward, and some regression (no, seriously, we really hope he doesn’t try to smuggle in another pet monkey into Germany….)

What does that mean for you? You’re going to have ebbs and flows in your search for purpose within your professional life. Some days, you’re going to be Purpose-era Biebs, on top of the world, full of success with no dark clouds on the horizon. On the flipside, some days you’ll be monkey-less Bieber (sorry, we can’t get over the fact he had a pet monkey) with less cheering and more jeering. That’s ok—it’s all a part of life.

The funny thing about it is that these things all have happened to the same person. Somedays, Justin is on top, others he’s not—and most days, he’s in-between. Sure, his highs might be higher (and we certainly hope his lows are lower than yours, what with international customs disputes over pet monkeys) but he has wins, and he has setbacks—just like anyone. It’s all a natural progression towards a life that we hope is bringing him fulfillment and satisfaction.

That’s the same we hope for you—that your mistakes help you learn, and that your wins are huge.

So, to answer the question we posed with this blog post—Justin Bieber can absolutely help you with finding purpose in your career, if you’re willing to start broad, learn from your mistakes, and never stop growing.

Play us out Bieb.

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