What You Can Learn from Meghan Markle


Unless you’re a mega fan of Suits, have every episode of Deal or No Deal memorized, or watched that weird RPatz movie Remember Me over a hundred times, chances are you weren’t familiar with Meghan Markle until she became engaged to Henry Charles Albert David, sorry, Prince Harry. Since they announced their engagement in November 2017, we’re pretty sure you know who she is by now. If not, you need to consider your life choices, because there’s a lot to admire about the Duchess of Sussex and we’re not just talking about her wardrobe. Although we do wish we could rock a tiara like she can.

No—we wanted to outline some of the things that any mere mortal can learn from a real-life princess like Meghan Markle, and how you can apply it to your own life. Read on…

Aim High

This one is pretty obvious, but sometimes the obvious is what’s needed—Meghan Markle has an impressive resume. From getting a degree at Northwestern University, she set her sights on Hollywood—and made it happen. First, she was cast as a brief case model on Deal or No Deal, and she parlayed that into multiple acting gigs, including a series regular role on Suits for seven seasons. That’s an impressive career feat in and of itself—but obviously she wasn’t content to rest on her laurels.

Look, we’re pretty sure that no American goes to bed at night truly thinking that someday they’ll be a part of the English Royal family, (except for maybe Kanye, but we’ve tackled that in another blog) but here’s the thing—Meghan Markle clearly aims high. So, when she found herself in love, and the opportunity presented itself, she took it. She didn’t falter because she felt she wasn’t up for the task—this is a woman whose entire career trajectory defies the odds, because it’s pretty clear she doesn’t think in terms of things she can’t do. We’re fairly certain can’t isn’t in her vocabulary.

Sometimes weird, fantastical opportunities present themselves to you that seem larger than life—and if they feel right, go for it.

Now, we’re not saying that you’ll end up a member of the English royal family, but we are saying that sometimes you need to aim high and shoot your shot when the opportunity arises. You never know where you’ll end up because of it; although we do know that you miss 100 percent of the opportunities you don’t seize.

Remember Who You Are

One of the most memorable parts of the Royal Wedding were the tiny touches of America sprinkled throughout. This included incorporating songs into the ceremony more likely to be heard on the radio instead of in a historic church, such as “This Little Light of Mine” and “Stand By Me.” When you enter into something as grand as the Royal family, an institution that is known globally and goes back centuries, it’s easy to forget who you in are. So, it’s important to stay true to yourself, and figure out how you want to navigate within a new system that is fairly foreign to you (in this case, literally!)

While the wedding was a state-sponsored event, it was also Meghan’s day, and she made sure that it reflected who she was as much as it reflected the institution she was joining.

Stay Grounded

In a little over a year, the world went from barely knowing who Meghan Markle was, to documenting her daily activities—that’s a lot of change, and scrutiny, in a little amount of time. The life of a jet-setting royal may seem glamorous (and we’re sure parts of it are) but consider this—a very private life event, like getting married or having a baby becomes front page news for the entire world to watch (and dissect) your every move. Sure, she was an actor on a well-known show, so maybe these events may have been tabloid fodder pre-Harry, but they’re treated as world news, now! That’s a lot to process in a short amount of time—remember, this all happened within the span of a year for her.

So, you may be thinking to yourself— “got you now, this one will never apply to me!” Which, probably, true. Chances are if you get married, it won’t be televised for millions of people to watch. (…but if that does happen, can you invite us, please?) What we’re saying with this one is that when so much attention and scrutiny are on you—like you have a massive, important project you’re spearheading; or you’re doing important research for your organization that they will base business decisions on—it’s important to stay focused on what you’re doing instead of who’s watching you do it. The key here is to remember who you are at your core—stay grounded, focus on the job at hand, and don’t let external pressures get to you.

As you can tell, there’s a lot to admire about Meghan Markle—did we leave something out? Secretly hoping for her to return to Suits? Let us know in the comments below!