New Year’s Resolutions, Flerish Style


Ah, the new year. 2018 is finally over (seriously, was it just us, or did someone add in like 5 extra months to that year?!) You know what that means, right?

Yes, TV shows are coming back from their winter hiatus, Becky, but it’s also resolution time!

Hey…Becky...where are you going? Why are you walking away? Come on! Resolutions are fun, we promise.

Ok, so by this point in your life, you’re smart enough to know that the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions you make in all earnestness on January 1st are going to be completely forgotten by February 1st. We get it—we can’t tell you how many gym memberships we’ve taken out over the years because this was the year we were going to work out a lot…only to eventually call up the gym months later because Netflix was the subscription we were actually using.

So, to get you in the mood, and perhaps inspire you a bit, we wanted to share our New Year’s resolutions—Flerish style.

We Will Not Think in Black and White

Here’s the problem with thinking in stark yes/no, either/or terms—it’s so much easier to let yourself down and give up the ghost the moment you fail to meet these expectations. For instance, let’s say that you promise to work out every day—unless you’re the Rock that’s probably not a realistic goal for yourself. So, you forget, or get busy, and don’t work out some random Tuesday. Then what? Based on your own method of thinking, you failed to meet your goal. Once you do that the first time, it becomes extremely easy to give up the entire thing, because it already happened once. “Well, I didn’t do it yesterday, why should I bother today?”

So, why not go easy on yourself this year, and start to think in terms of less absolute? Such as: I am making a commitment to myself to be healthier and taking consistent actions to meet that goal. That means a lot more than just working out every day—including allowing yourself to sleep in occasionally to catch up on much needed sleep—rather than an either/or, your goal becomes a destination you work towards consistently. Isn’t that a much easier resolution to keep, and not beat yourself up over?

We Will Be Opened Minded After Avengers: End Game

Ok, hear us out on this one—we’ve been with Iron Man, Cap, Thor and the rest of the Avengers for 10 years. We know a lot of the actor’s contracts are up after End Game and yet we do not want to say good bye to these characters, ok?!?

…but we have to be open to the possibility that we might. So, while it may seem like a weird resolution to keep, it’s really not. Being open to new things, and not clinging on tightly to the past is how you move forward in your life (and movie going habits.) Just like Chris Evans probably wants to explore new avenues in his career, we all need to be open to exploring new things, even if we really, really love the old way of doing things.

We Want to Facetime Less

...and text more. JK.

Look, the year 2000 was almost 20 years ago. We’re living in the future now (2019, baby!), and yet, maybe we should revert to the past for doing some things—primarily re-learning the art of face to face communication.

Sure, we may sound like your grandma here, but hear us out on this one—prioritizing face to face communication is a great way to demonstrate to people in your life, whether professionally or personally, that you care about them. Taking time out of your busy life to carve out time for someone speaks volumes, and honestly, talking face to face is almost always better than over the phone/texting. Why? Speaking is only a small part of communicating. Body language, facial expressions, those are all a part of communicating too, and lead to way less misunderstandings than texting, speaking over the phone, or even Facetiming does. (…and let’s be brutally honest here, because we’re all friends. We all know that 90% of the time on Facetime is spent looking at yourself, while the other person talks.)

So, a new year is a great time to make the commitment to making more time for the people who matter, in a way that’s meaningful.

So, did we win you over to the way we do resolutions at Flerish? Are you excited yet terrified to see End Game? Let us know in the comments!

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