Daily Goals – Do I Have To?!

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Let’s get to the point, we’re promising you a lot with YOU—achieve your goals (yay!) move forward professionally (yay!) connect with people you trust to help you in your career (yay!)…all we ask is that you do something a little different every day, and take action daily (…yay?).

Unless you’re really into goal setting, it’s not particularly glamorous, it’s not particularly exciting, but it will get you where you want to go. Your daily goal setting is getting you into the pattern of making promises to yourself.

Why Is That Important?

Have you ever tried to lose an arbitrary amount of weight, so you eat healthy for 5 days, go hard at the gym, and then go right back to your same habits when you don’t see a change after three days?

Of course you have. We all have.

Taking small actions every day is the antidote to that—maybe you already have some big goals in mind professionally, or maybe using YOU is getting your brain whirring on all the possibilities you can accomplish. The point is, you’re going to start to think big picture—what do you want, and how do you get there? Thinking big picture is great—but it is by definition a long-term plan to get where you want to go.

You absolutely can achieve what you want to—but as with anything other than the career of a very successful baby-model, success is not an instant linear path. You’ll have wins and you’ll have setbacks. We want you to be prepared for the setbacks and have a larger perspective on where you’re going. That’s where daily goals come into play—to prepare you for the inevitable bumps on your journey to success.

Ok, I’m Ready, Yoda Me

Your Daily Goals get you into a cadence and pattern of setting mini goals, and achieving them—and being accountable to yourself. It’s the difference between promising yourself that you’re going to lose 20 pounds vs promising yourself that you’re going to live a healthier lifestyle.

The first goal is an all or nothing approach, and if you hit a setback early on, you’re more than likely going to walk away completely from what you want to achieve (“I can’t do it, it’s too hard!”). The second goal is a lifestyle change that you can build accountability into, incrementally. Maybe you start by drinking more water or going on a walk during your lunch. If you don’t hit your quota on water today, you can still hit it tomorrow – it’s not about the weight gain/loss, it’s about the lifestyle change.

Setting daily goals gets you into the mindset of a lifestyle change – focusing on your career, and the simple, easy to accomplish things you can do daily to get you on the path towards your bigger picture dreams.

For instance, your daily goals can be as simple as – drink 8 glasses of water a day, get 8 hours of sleep, or say hi to 8 people today (the last one isn’t as obvious, we were on a roll with that whole “8” thing and then it got away from us.) Daily goals are low stake commitments to yourself. When you meet them, you’re helping you. 

Getting into the pattern of making (and achieving!) goals you set yourself, starts to help you make incremental adjustments in your life, and maintain accountability.  It’s not an all or nothing approach – there’s always tomorrow to set (and meet) your goals. Thus setting the stage for you to achieve your big-picture dreams…unless it’s as an ultra-successful baby model because sadly, those days are probably behind you.