So You’ve Been Asked to Be an Advisor…Now What?

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Congratulations! Someone thinks your perspective is important and they want to make it YOU official. That means that unlike my Aunt Martha on a certain social media site that shall not be named, your opinions and advice are not only solicited, but wanted! (side note: there are MANY ways to make an omelet, Aunt Martha.)

That said, you wouldn’t be reading this blog unless you had some questions about what being an Advisor entails, or you’re one of my cousins showing this to Aunt Martha to make Thanksgiving extra interesting this year. Either way, read on!

Question 1 – So what exactly is an Advisor?

Great question! In YOU, an Advisor is someone that has agreed to help an Advisee achieve his or her professional goals. You’ve been asked to be an Advisor because the Advisee thinks your perspective will be important, and your insight valuable, while they embark on their professional journey. In short, you’re someone they’d like to have in their corner.

Question 2 – What is the time commitment for being an Advisor?

We’ve created the app so that Advisors and Advisees meet periodically to help structure and pinpoint specifically what the Advisee is looking to gain from their professional path; and how you as an Advisor can serve as a trusted resource on their journey. Initially, you'll meet to level set and identify what your advisee has defined as their professional success. Together you'll create Commitments that help the Advisee achieve their goals and inform their personal strategy. After the initial meeting, it’s really up to you on how often you'll work together, and check in, but we recommend quarterly. We also recommend using the first meeting as a way to set ground rules and expectations of your time, so there’s no surprises, and you know exactly what you are agreeing to do.

Question 3 – Meetings? No one said anything about meetings.

Good news! You and your Advisee get to define what a Meeting is. It can be in person, on the phone, video call, or even homing pigeon (but the cost may add up quickly, so we don’t really recommend that route.)

Question 4 – Ok…but what’s in it for me?

In addition to your Advisee’s undying respect and gratitude (I mean, we’re assuming…) becoming an Advisor is a GREAT way to get access to YOU before it’s open to everyone. That means in addition to being an Advisor, you can invite your own Advisors to the app to help set a game plan for yourself! Also, we’re assuming that you already know the person who invited you to become their Advisor, and you have an existing relationship (I mean, we really are hoping at least, it would be weird if you didn’t.) YOU is simply a helpful tool and framework to organize the conversations you’re most likely already having with your Advisee.

Question 5 – Is there a cost associated with YOU?

No, YOU is 100% free to use.

Question 6 – Have you tried adding warm water to the eggs before you put it in the skillet to cook?

Aaaaaaaand that concludes this blog, thank you and goodnight!

If you have any further questions about YOU, please reach out to us at [email protected]