The Start-Up of You & Flerish: A Platonic Love Letter

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Ever read a book so good that when you finish it, you want more? That’s how our co-founder and CEO Lacey felt when she read The Start-Up of You by Reid Hoffman, LinkedIn Co-Founder. Thinking it would be weird to write The Start-Up of You fan fiction (we see you Harry Potter fans, and know how you do!) Lacey found the perfect opportunity to combine the message of The Start-Up of You with the mission of YOU and Flerish overall—to empower people to own their professional success.

Lacey, and everyone at Flerish(!), loves The Start-Up of You because, at its core, it puts you in the driver’s seat of your own success. Look, the workplace has changed, a lot, from what our parents and grandparents knew—it used to be that you’d work someplace for 40+ years, and retire with a nice pension and a gift from the company. For better or for worse, those days are long gone, and professionals are more mobile in their career path. A recent study determined that the average worker will change jobs 10 to 15 times in their career and that many workers spend less than 5 years in each job! That’s a massive shift from just 30 years ago.

Scalable, Practical

The Start-Up of You was the missing link that bridged the gap between traditional development techniques (highly personal, hard to scale due to the one on one attention the individual gets that revolve around their current work situation at a company) and individual achievement. We KNOW it’s entirely within your grasp to achieve your professional goals, but everyone can use a little help now and then. By treating you, the individual, as your own entity (another word for a, I don’t know, startup!?); and not tying your professional achievement around your current job situation, the types of conversations you can have around your professional success open up a lot. 

The Start-Up of You is a game changer because it recognizes the reality of working in 2018 and beyond. The days of one job and one career path are over, but many professional development techniques still revolve around the assumption of an outdated job model for professionals.


Yes, we realize this post is starting to sound like a love letter, but roll with it!

One of the best parts about The Start-Up of You is that it’s written in a very easy to understand, friendly way. Conversations about your career can be daunting, but they don’t have to be—after all, since you’re more likely to change your job up to 15 times in your career, you have to become your advocate, professionally speaking, and make sure you’re doing what’s best for you.

If you don’t have a natural inclination towards advocacy, it can be a bit overwhelming. The Startup of You breaks it down in a way that makes sense and seems totally do-able.

The Missing Link

The reason we’ve all connected with this book, in particular, is because it’s the perfect framework to compliment YOU, our app. We believe strongly in your capability to achieve whatever you want to, professionally. The Start-Up of You sets the stage for the conversation – now that the workforce has changed, what do you need to do to be successful (as you define success), as an individual, and not as a professional at a singular company?

YOU takes it the step further because we use proven methods of development and professional coaching (remember Lacey’s background?) and are able to apply it in the app, to help you succeed. So, combine the outlook that you as an individual are your own professional entity and the proven methods to help you achieve success; you get a handy app called YOU that’s easy to use, and helps you go out and get what you want.

What could be better?

*Note: We realize we’ve hyped The Startup of You as much as DJ Khaled hypes his himself, so if you’re interested in finding out more, or even purchasing a copy, you can do so here.