Commitments & Takeaways


No, Commitments & Takeaways isn’t the title of Drake’s next album (note: this blog was published August 3rd, 2018, if at any point in the future Drake *does* release an album named Commitments & Takeaways, you know where he got the idea…) they’re the cornerstone of YOU by Flerish, and we’re here to break them down, and explain why they’re important.


Commitments, in short, are what you promise to do. In YOU, they play a vital role in your path towards success. At its core, a Commitment is a developmental achievement agreement—a pact between you and your Advisor. You promise to achieve, and the Advisor promises to help you get there. These achievements are critical in propelling you forward. Commitments are as big, or as little, as you and your Advisor want them to be. However, there are some guidelines as to what they should be:

  1. Achievable in a relatively short time frame. (Think days or weeks, not months.)

  2. Manageable – Commitments are supposed to move you forward but aren’t designed to be overwhelming. You’re not supposed to lose any sleep over achieving a Commitment (not achieving a Commitment is another story, though…jk!)

How Do Commitments Work?

Your Advisor knows you, especially after meeting and setting expectations, they have a pretty good idea of where to point you to continue you on your path. That might be suggesting a book to read in the next few weeks (we’ve heard good things about The Start-Up of You, btw), asking you to attend a networking event, or making an introduction to someone they know who can help you move forward in your path (if it’s Drake, and you explain this post to him that’s an acknowledgement that he’ll dedicate C&Ts to the Flerish team, btw. We don’t make the rules….)

Here’s the key to Commitments – you’re not alone in them. Your Advisor is here to get you where you want to be, and as part of their role, they will suggest things that they feel will help you along your journey—you in turn promise to do what is suggested, because you recognize the value, time, and insight your Advisor is providing to you.  YOU is the beautiful glue that holds this entire relationship together, because you’re able to enter and track Commitments, set the deadlines, and communicate to your Advisor (all through the handy-dandy app!)

Of course we want to make the process as simple as possible, and YOU will remind you when you have a Commitment coming due, and even let you push out your deadline if you don’t feel you’re going to make it in time, automatically alerting your Advisor to any change in the schedule—this way, they can lend a hand. We just know from our years of experience (ok, by our, we mean our CEO Lacey’s) in coaching and advising leadership teams, when you drive the process, you get better results.

Once you achieve your first Commitment completion, you’ll be well on your way towards achieving your success, but this isn’t just about Commitments…


Ok, picture this. You just had a GREAT meeting with your Advisor, they helped you out so much, and you’re basically riding high on life right now. You go to bed, super excited for the future, you wake up…you go about your day, and all of a sudden it’s a week later, and you can’t really remember what you talked about with your Advisor. It’s ok, we’ve all been there. The good news is your friends at Flerish have solved for this through…Takeaways!

After you meet with your Advisor, YOU will prompt you to enter Takeaways into the app, which then get shared with your Advisor. This allows you to record the key things you learned from your Advisor, and reference them as you move on your path forward.

How Do Takeaways Work?

This is beautiful in its simplicity, because YOU will remind you to enter in Takeaways, so all you have to do is do what the app says (unless it’s asking you to listen to its mixtape again, which in that case, let us know. It’s a known bug, and we’re slightly concerned, because it’s not a very good mixtape…don’t tell YOU.)

Takeaways are shared with your Advisor, so it also solves for any misunderstanding in the advice or things learned during your Meeting, and lets the Advisor clarify immediately in their comments back to you.

We’ve found that when you put something in your own words, it helps you understand a concept or idea better. That’s also why we have you, the Advisee, enter in Takeaways and not the Advisor.

Ok, I Get It! 

To sum it all up, Commitments are the promises you’re making to yourself (and your Advisor) on how you’ll take steps towards achieving your success; Takeaways are the important points you learned while Meeting with your Advisor. Both are crucial towards getting the most out of the app, but let’s be honest, you’re here because you Googled Commitments & Takeaways because it just won all the Grammy’s, right?

Ok, we’ll see ourselves out now. Let us know if you have any questions in the comments below, or to remind us that Drake came out and said he hates puppies in 2020 to remind us to edit this blog post, because that’s important too.