How to Keep Deadlines for Commitments

Don't know what Batman has to do with it? Read on...

Don't know what Batman has to do with it? Read on...

Guys, accountability is important.

Consider this; you’re Batman. You’ve decided to devote your time and considerable fortune to fighting crime. You even go so far as to convince Police Commissioner Gordon in the crime-ridden city you live in to invest his time and resources into getting a massive searchlight in the shape of a bat that he can activate anytime he needs you to come and fight crime. Everything is all set, and hooray! You’ve embarked on your new life of crime fighting. Go you! Only the first night the Bat-Signal is activated, you’re sort of busy, and don’t really feel like going out tonight, and look, you had a long day, ok?

…so what happens? You promised the Commissioner this was your thing, you convinced him to invest time and resources into your Bat-Signal, and now you’ve not shown up. So the Joker and Catwoman now have control of the city and are making the citizenry communicate only through the subtle art of miming.

Yes, this is obviously the worst case scenario (and yes we know Devin, Joker and Catwoman were mortal enemies and would never work together, except in issue #2234) but it’s important to stress that deadlines are important, because they demonstrate accountability – and had Batman communicated to Commissioner Gordon he was taking a night off, he wouldn’t have activated the Bat-Signal, and would have saved his time and resources dealing with the problem directly and not relying on someone else.

We want you to succeed in whatever path you set down, which is why we’ve created an app that will get you there. A vital part of the app is Commitments, which sets deadlines and accountability to you and your Advisor. Commitments should be achievable in the timeframe you set forth, but occasionally that doesn’t happen, so we’re here to provide some tips:

1. Work backwards from your Commitment.

Sounds easy, but if your Commitment is to read a book in the next month before your next Advisor Meeting, figure out how much time you’ll need, and take it from there.

Let’s say you KNOW you want to start fighting crime on the first of the month—there’s a lot of moving pieces you need to get there. Batsuit, Bat-Signal, Batmobile, an unlimited supply of energy bars for those post-bad guy takedowns. Don’t wait until the last minute to figure out your Bat-Suit doesn’t fit or has unnecessary parts (we’re looking squarely at you, 1997 Batman George Clooney and that suit.)

2. Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Look, you’re pumped. You bought your Batsuit, you’re going to DO this! You’re now a caped crusader from this day forward. The only problem is, you didn’t ease into this and don’t particularly like staying up late to fight crime, because it’s important to get 10 hours of sleep a night. This is all good intel to know, but the problem is you already committed to fighting crime indefinitely, and Commissioner Gordon is relying on you to keep your Commitment. Our point is – understand how much effort is going to go into achieving a Commitment and break it up into manageable chunks before you commit. This will help you understand how to delegate your time, and what can be achieved in the time frame you're setting forth. Don't enthusiastically rush into it, thinking it will somehow work itself out. Unfortunately, it usually doesn't. 

3. Proactively communicate.

Sometimes, you’re just not going to make a deadline. We want these instances to be few and far between in order for you to keep your momentum going, but sometimes life does get in the way. In these cases, as soon as you know you’re not going to meet a deadline, tell your Advisor. We make it pretty easy for you, in YOU. All you have to do is log in to your Commitment, change the date, and give an optional reason why you’re moving the date out (we really recommend giving a reason, unless you literally just hung up the phone with your Advisor because you already told them you needed more time) and that’s it. No harm, no foul.

The one thing we don’t want you to do is miss a Commitment to Commissioner Gordon, Batman; because he raised the Bat-Signal thinking you'd show up, but you were indisposed. 

Time is precious, it (and Christopher Nolan directed Batman movies) are the one thing you don’t get more of; so it’s important to be mindful of everyone’s time not just your own. Letting a deadline slide by, unnoticed, sends a bad message to your Advisor, and we want to help you avoid that at all costs.

Hopefully, these tips have given you some guidance on how to meet deadlines, and also how complicated it is to devote your life to fighting crime in a Batsuit.

We’d love to hear your tips for meeting deadlines, below. The more creative the better!