Advisor Breakdown: Dumbledore


Hello, and unless you’ve been living under a rock (which in that case, please let us know how much rent is because LA housing prices are ridiculous) you probably know who Professor Dumbledore is (ok, sorry, Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.) The beloved Hogwarts headmaster from the Harry Potter series guided the titular hero (fancy-speak for “Harry Potter”) in his epic quest against Voldemort. Dumbledore served as both a mentor and a protector to Harry, and in Flerish-speak, we call that a twofer!

In our newest Advisor Breakdown, we take Dumbledore to task and see if his Advisor skills are as strong as his epic-beard game. Read on and see what we’ve conjured up.

Ride or Die

Dumbledore is literally ride or die for Harry (sorry, spoilers for book 6). A bad-wizard-gone-bad(er) named Voldemort killed Harry’s parents when he was an infant, and Dumbledore made sure baby Harry made it out of early childhood alive (you know, typical wizard headmaster stuff.) For whatever reason, Dumbledore let Harry grow up thinking he wasn’t a wizard (as we all did unless your parents fed you some really interesting stories…) and it wasn’t until Harry was old enough to attend Hogwarts did the truth reveal itself…

(That’s Hagrid. He’s a giant. Dumbledore was too busy to go get Harry. Just roll with it, ok?)

Look, yes, it’s probably weird to be an 11-year old boy who finds out that:

  1. His dead parents were wizards…AND

  2. They were murdered at the hands of another (evil) wizard…AND

  3. It turns out that you’re one of the most famous wizards alive because you survived an encounter with the meanest HWIC (Head Wizard in Charge) that ever lived.

That’s a lot of wizards, wizard things, wizard politics, and wizard fame to get caught up on in a short amount of time when you’re 11.

Harry was brought to Hogwarts, officially introduced to Dumbledore, and the two began to develop a relationship that lasted throughout the series. Dumbledore never hid Harry’s past from him (kind of hard to when you’re that famous) and encouraged him to try to live as normal a life as possible given the circumstances. That’s a tall order for a kid who’s one of the most famous celebrities in the wizarding world (totally a thing).

Dumbledore frequently served as a guiding force to Harry to help him navigate the pitfalls of growing up, doing well in school, and avoiding a murderous wizard who knows that one of you ain’t getting out of this alive. (A prophecy—which in the wizarding world holds weight—that Dumbledore knew about but kept from Harry. More on that in a sec.)

That said, when the stakes are life or death, as they frequently were for Harry; Dumbledore was there for him in the moment, and after the moment, to help him process what happened.  (We suggest that if you’re in a life or death situation with your Advisor that you call the authorities—muggle or wizard—immediately.)

Appropriate Preparation

Dumbledore knew that Harry would ultimately have to face Voldemort in some capacity someday, and while he tried desperately to shield Harry from his fate— he also took some steps to prepare him for the inevitability. This included giving him powerful tools (the cloak of invisibility), sharing with him the secrets of Hogwarts (the Mirror of Erised), and generally looking out for him…to varying degrees of success. (On the one hand, trolls definitely got into Hogwarts at least once; on the other hand, he did give him a pretty cool invisibility cloak, so it’s a bit of a wash.)

Look, we’re not saying that an evil wizard with hate in his heart is going to come for you someday, but if that does happen, you probably want someone like Dumbledore in your corner. What’s great about his approach with Harry is that he doesn’t try to hide the truth from him (looking squarely at you, Yoda), has the foresight to know what he needs to do to prepare him, and serves it out in small doses. (Let’s not forget that Harry Potter is a child for the entirety of the series….)

In real-world terms, as an Advisor, Dumbledore understands the scope and enormity of what faces Harry and helps him prepare at appropriate levels for his age and skill set. That means he doesn’t tell an 11-year-old that he will inevitably have to face Voldemort (and possibly die in the process), he tries to keep Harry out of the fray as much as possible (although, again, to varying degrees of success. RIP Cedric Diggory.)

Lasting Influence

We need to get this out of the way: Darth Vader is Luke’s father, the Titanic sinks/Jack dies, and Snape kills Dumbledore at the end of book 6. Please don’t come @ us over spoilers.  In 2018, these are things you need to know.

Yeah, so, Dumbledore dies…in front of Harry, at the hands of Snape. It’s pretty heart-wrenching, and although it was part of Dumbledore’s plans, it’s still a tough pill to swallow. We bring this up because even though Dumbledore is gone, he is far from forgotten—the lessons and wisdom he imparted onto Harry through their time at Hogwarts together is what helps Harry ultimately overcome Voldemort at the end of the series. (Guess we should give you a spoiler alert on that one, too. Sorry, our bad.)

Every Advisor that comes into your life should have a lasting impact on who you become to a varying degree. Dumbledore was extremely successful in helping to shape Harry. Most Advisors you have in your life won’t be as impactful as Dumbledore was to Harry…but there will be one or two that come very close and will stay with you—hopefully not in a Voldemort/Professor Quirrell way.


Ok, sure, you probably were able to predict where this was headed so you won’t be surprised when we reveal that Dumbledore was a pretty fantastic Advisor. He genuinely cared for Harry, meted out his lessons and influence during age and skill-appropriate times, and ultimately was able to impart lasting wisdom to his Advisee.

In the spirit of Hogwarts, we’ll award Professor Dumbledore 60 points to House Flerish!