3 Reasons Why Chris Hemsworth Is Crushing It


Everyone has their favorite Chris—whether that’s Evans, Pine, Pratt, or Hemsworth, by 2019 your mind is already made up as to who is the #BestChris.

Now, we’re not here to stir up the never-ending debate as to which Chris is best (although please understand we have opinions on that) but perhaps not unrelatedly, we’d like to share with you reasons why Chris Hemsworth may be #AdvisorGoals inspiration. Don’t get your hopes up though—the app isn’t available in his native Australia…yet.

He Practices Gratitude

chrishemsworth Beyond thankful for the kindness and generosity that the people of India have extended to us while making our little film here 🙏🙏👍👍@thesamhargrave #netflix

Gratitude is an extremely important habit to have, as it can completely change the way you look at the world and improve your general health.

Being able to take a moment and be grateful for what you have, and the people who helped you get it can be a powerful way to understand how far you’ve come in your life, and how much you have gained, already. It also trains your mind to look for the positive things in life, which makes you happier, overall. We call that a win/win!

He’s Encouraging of Other People’s Successes

chrishemsworth Wishing this legend an epic start to his career today! One of the most exciting prospects in the NFL, lotta pressure, excitement and anticipation but what blew me away meeting him was his work ethic and humility. Keep it up mate!! @saquon

While celebrating your own wins is exciting (who doesn’t like to be the star of the show every once and awhile) celebrating/acknowledging other people’s wins is just as important. No one is an island and taking the time out of your day to acknowledge someone else’s accomplishments not only will help you build your relationship with them but can also help your mental and physical health.

It’s important to remember that you’re never too busy to acknowledge someone else’s achievements—something Hemsworth demonstrates through his post, above.

The next time someone in your life gets a win, make a point of congratulating them. You’ll soon get into the habit of it, and most likely see an increase in other people’s celebrations of your accomplishments as well. That creates a culture of positivity and collaboration, which can lead to bigger and better things. Think about it—when do you do your best work? When you’re happy and surrounded by people who support you? Or when you’re alone and closed off from anyone else?

We thought so.

He’s Able to Evolve

Building upon the advice of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to always be the hardest worker in the room, Hemsworth thinks outside the box and expands upon that work ethic.

As you can see in the video above, Hemsworth believes that if you’re the only worker in the room, by default you must be the hardest worker in the room. He’s not wrong, per se. The logic may be twisted but it checks out. Also, it’s funny.

What does that mean for you? You’re going to get advice from people in your life, including Advisors, and it’s up to you to implement that into your life in a way that is going to bring about meaningful change. So, what he did was take a mantra that worked for The Rock “be the hardest worker in the room” and modified it to make it work for him: “be the only worker in the room.”

Sure, it’s hilarious, but it also demonstrates a vital skill in life: evolution. There’s a lot to learn from the people in your life. The true skills come in when you can adapt their lessons and incorporate what works for you, into your own journey.

So, what did we learn, other than Hemsworth’s Insta game is on point? Mainly that if he had the capacity, we’d gladly welcome him as our Advisor. His outlook is geared towards looking for the positive and incorporating ideas and concepts that work for him, into his life—all tactics that come in handy when working with an Advisor. Now, we’re not saying that just because he’d make the best Advisor that he is #BestChris…but we’re not not saying that, either.

Agree? Disagree? Hoping for a fourth standalone Thor movie? Let us know in the comments, below!

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