Is Mary Poppins a Practically Perfect in Every Way Role Model?


Hey, did you hear? Mary Poppins has returned…in Mary Poppins Returns (that sounded better in our heads.) While we’re big on taking people who magically appear to ride down out of the sky on an umbrella at their word, how many people who profess to be “practically perfect in every way” turn out to actually be just that? We decided to dig deep into this so-called Poppins character and see if she really is the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down or if she’s just a weirdo who benefitted from a time that didn’t have ample background check options on child care professionals. Read on and find out.

She’s There in a Crisis

In life, some people are there for a long time, and some people are Mary Poppins. She comes in on her magical umbrella, sets the situation right, and then off she goes wherever the wind takes her. Sure, it seems weird at first glance, but her method works. In a short amount of time, she was able to right-side the Banks family (in both movie iterations—that’s no mean feat), and then she was gone. Just like that.

She’s not there to help with incremental growth—she tackles the big stuff, and if you’re lucky, takes you into a cartoon world with a chimney sweep, because why not?

We’re kind of torn on this one, because it’s important to have Advisors there for every step of the way on your journey, not just the big stuff—but look, in the real world, there are definitely Mary Poppins type of people who are there to help with the major situations, and not much else. It may be that they don’t have the time commitment to help on a consistent basis, but they’re there if you need them when the stakes are high, and you need an extra push to get you there.

She Helps Set Healthy Routines

There was no bigger drag in life than having to clean your room as a kid. Making the mess is tons of fun, picking it up is decidedly not…but you have to pick up after yourself because living in a pigsty is a public health hazard. Mary Poppins finds a way to engage with the Banks children to pick up their room and make it fun. Since this is a Disney movie, she even does it to a very catchy song.

So, what does this have to do with you?

We all have chores in our lives of things we must do but don’t want to do/aren’t doing. Mary Poppins came in, pointed out a deficiency, and then helped the children set a routine that would get them in the habit they lacked.

How great would it be if an Advisor was able to point out a task you could be doing on a regular basis that would improve your quality of life, and then find a way to make it an enjoyable thing for you to do?

Sounds pretty sweet to us.

She Has a Unique Way of Doing Things

When you’re in a crisis, one of the best things that can happen for you is for someone to come in, like an Advisor, and help you come up with a new way of doing something. Mary Poppins has a knack for taking children out of their stressful or mundane world and shaking it up a bit. Whether that’s introducing them to a chimney sweep who is a surprisingly good singer and dancer (this is true for both movies!) or taking them out for adventures, Mary Poppins can turn any ordinary day into the extraordinary—which can help you see through a situation that’s not working, by looking at it through a new lens.

We already established that Mary Poppins isn’t your every-day Advisor, she’s the one who comes in, shakes things up, and sets you on your way. Remember those old gum commercials on tv, where 4 out of 5 dentists would agree that the gum was good? Mary Poppins is the 5th dentist—she does things her way, and sometimes that’s exactly what you need. Someone to show you a different way of doing things to get the result you want.

When we first started looking at Mary Poppins, we figured she wasn’t going to stack up (shocker!) what with the weird entrance on an umbrella, and the inability to stick around for very long. What we found was that while she wasn’t your typical Advisor, she was a very good Advisor for high-impact situations that need a heavier touch. So, in the true spirit of Mary Poppins, who would never allow us to rate her as anything but this, we’re going to let the world know that she’s supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.