Is the Gang from The Big Bang Theory Genius with Group Dynamics?


We have a certain affinity for The Big Bang Theory, and it’s not just because our HQ is in Pasadena, too. No, we love the core group of Sheldon, Leonard, Penny,  and friends because they make smart, funny. That's no easy feat to accomplish, and we wanted to dig a bit deeper within their group dynamic and see if they make smart work as a team, too.

So dust off your Star Wars mint condition action figures and get ready to dive into the world of The Big Bang Theory while we put the group to the test (something you know Leonard and Sheldon love) and see if they’re a group to aspire to. 


They Help Out

Sure, Sheldon makes good TV, but his rough social edges undoubtedly make it hard to be around him sometimes and create situations that require intervention. That’s not an easy task, some of Sheldon’s personality traits could be misconstrued as talking down, or not caring about his friend’s input, even though at his core, he cares deeply for them. However, the group can see through Sheldon's words to accept him for who he is and pitch in when it’s clear he needs help.

One of the important parts of being in a team is looking out for each other, despite prickly personalities and surface-level differences. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the way someone presents themselves to understand that they’re in need of assistance—but the point of being on a functioning team is that you’re there to help each other, despite personality differences. Pitching in and helping out can be incredibly difficult if the other person has rough edges like Sheldon, but this team finds a way to make it work, because, at their core, they care about each other. As the saying goes, all boats rise with the tide, meaning, when one person on your team succeeds, everyone does.

We appreciate the way the group rallies around Sheldon to help him get through a personal crisis—especially because while his words were sharp, his actions (sitting down and listening to their solutions) showed that help was appreciated and that he considered himself a part of the team, as well.

They’re Considerate

You can tell a lot about what someone thinks about you by the gift they give—is it tailored to your interests? Does it say something about a shared interest or experience you’ve had with the person? Is it the same thing they got everyone else? In the clip above you’ll see that the crew took consideration to a whole new level with their Christmas gifts, especially Penny’s to Sheldon. Although as a general rule of thumb we do not advocate gifting anyone’s DNA to someone like Sheldon who might use it to clone them. That’s just common sense!

So what does that mean for you? No, we're not telling you to rush out and get your friends and co-workers their favorite celebrities' autograph on a napkin (but if you run into Jason Momoa have him make it out to “The Flerish Team” okay?) but consideration goes a long way in building and maintaining relationships. The ability to factor in someone else’s thoughts and feelings into your actions and motivations builds trust and creates supportive dynamics—all desirable traits in any group.

They Might Be a Bit Too Close

So, it goes without saying (but if not, Ask a Manager covered it,) but it’s not advisable to go into someone’s home uninvited. The group from The Big Bang Theory has a lot to be admired, they are probably a bit too involved when it comes to each other’s personal and dating lives—complicated by the fact that Penny and Leonard have carried on an on-again, off-again (currently on-again) relationship throughout the run of the show. That makes hilarious television, sure, but their relationship status affected the entire group, making things awkward and complicated.

…and we’re not just talking for Sheldon!

What does that mean in the real world? Well, if you're considering entering into a personal or romantic relationship with a team member, we first advise you to check with your organization's employee handbook to see if it would be allowed. Even though 22% of married couples in the US met at work that’s a risky proposition! Whether it works out or not, adding in a romantic component with someone will alter the team dynamic for everyone in the group if you’re not careful. Ultimately what we’re promoting here are appropriate boundaries, which the Big Bang group doesn’t particularly have. If you’re looking for a shortcut here it’s this: if you find yourself breaking into a team member’s bedroom at night to talk to them about their relationship with someone else, you’ve gone too far! Even if your name is Sheldon. 

So what did we learn about Sheldon, Leonard, Penny, and crew? Mainly that we wish they were our suitemates at Flerish HQ because their science know-how would undoubtedly come in handy. Other than that, they’re clearly a tight-knit crew that cares for each other, even if their boundaries would be a bit too non-existent in the real world. What they lack in boundaries, they make up for in humor, and like we said, we wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to hang out with them—yes, even Sheldon.

What do you think? Agree, disagree, in denial the show is coming to an end this year? (We are too! We’re just not ready!) Let us know in the comments.

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