How to Live Fearlessly: 3 Lessons from Chrissy Teigen

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There’s no denying it, one of the true highlights of social media is Chrissy Teigen’s Twitter account. She just kills it there:

We're not alone in our love for Chrissy—she has almost 11 million followers and has harnessed the power of social media in a way not many other celebrities out there have. Her posts are funny, candid, and above all, inspiring. How? We love her overall attitude—she's fearless. Not afraid to make mistakes, or make herself look silly in the process, Chrissy's tweets are a refreshing look at a woman who is willing to take action to make what she wants out of life happen. Sure, it sounds effortless when you spell it out like that, but how often does fear get in the way of doing what you want to do?  Whether that's fear of failure, fear of looking bad, or even fear of asking for help—living your life fearlessly can help you let go and go after what you want. We’ve compiled some of Chrissy’s best tweets to demonstrate how to do that and inspire you, because everyone deserves to live life with less fear, and more fierce.  

Give Up Control & Get Creative

There is nothing more frustrating in life than dealing with a stubborn person who refuses to budge an inch. No matter how hard you try to compromise, they're just not having it—that goes double when the person in question is a toddler who refuses to eat. 

Try as you might, there is no way to control someone else’s thoughts or actions (believe us, we’ve tried) but we absolutely love Chrissy’s creative approach to a common problem: getting someone to do what you want them to do.

Chrissy, like basically everyone on the planet, knows that there is no using logic in a battle with a toddler. So, she gave up all semblance of trying to control someone else’s behavior and opted to focus on creating a solution that works. In this case, she dealt with a picky eater by developing a literal restaurant-style menu that her daughter can order off of. We think it’s a genius solution—because the option of not ordering food isn’t on the menu, and it relies on learned behavior (you order food at a restaurant on a menu, so it’s a habit her child already has) to get the desired outcome Chrissy wanted. Honestly, it's perfect. We wish there were a literal application of this to every inter-personal conflict you might have, but the idea is there: let go of control, don’t get caught up in the conflict and focus on a positive outcome. 

It’s Not A Competition

In life, we tend to think of success as a zero-sum game, as if there's only a finite amount of it. That if someone succeeds it means there's less of it for you. That's just not the case. There’s room for everyone in life to find a path of success, and there’s no reason not to cheer other people on in the process.

Chrissy demonstrates this with class, grace, and humor when a fan tried to start a competition between Chrissy and Rachael Ray’s competing kitchen lines—there’s no need for it. In the competing war of celebrity cookware lines, everyone can be a winner!

We love this because Chrissy refuses to engage in any trash talking, or putting someone else's product down to elevate hers, even when the opportunity was staring her in the face. Life, success, career—it doesn't have to be a competition, and Chrissy proves that.  

Here's the thing about life: everyone moves at a different pace that’s right for them. Yours may be slower, or faster, than others but the point is: it’s not a competition. There is enough success to go around for everyone. Don’t benchmark yourself against the people in your life. Everyone has different goals and different paces. We should celebrate everyone's wins because there really is enough to go around. We promise.


Oh friends, FOMO (fear of missing out) is real for many people, and it leads to doing things they'd rather not be doing, and we're here to tell you it's ok to let go of it all. There will always be something going on somewhere, but ultimately you should live your life for you. We’re sure Chrissy is invited to many fabulous parties and events, and yet she’s honest in her desire to hang out at home most of the time—and if that’s what your heart desires, then you should too.

What we mean by that is that if you’re not the type who loves to go to those extra networking events or spend their weekends in seminars to gain a leg up on your skills, it’s ok. Being honest with yourself and what you want out of life is a vital component towards figuring out overall what success looks like for you, and you can look towards Chrissy for an example of that as well. Remember—everyone moves at their own pace, and your work will speak for itself. That’s a guarantee.

Well, what do you think, other than that if you’re not already following Chrissy on Twitter that you need to? Have you learned how to let go of some of the things you ought to, from Chrissy? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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