Our Latest Beta Testing Partner: As We Dwell

As We Dwell.png

On Wednesday, we were thrilled to begin beta testing with our first local pilot group in Los Angeles. As We Dwell is a co-working community with a group of entrepreneurs creating and innovating in a variety of industries, and we couldn’t be more excited to learn from our partnership with them.

As We Dwell is committed to creating a communal environment that fosters collaboration for business and personal success for their members and others in the LA Arts District (and beyond). We couldn’t agree more with this philosophy: you can’t achieve your envisioned professional success without also bettering yourself in the process.

As We Dwell is the sixth pilot group we’ve launched with, and the feedback we get from each of our partners distinctly contributes to our development process so that we can quickly and effectively evolve our product and introduce functionality that improves users’ experience.

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