Our Journey to V1

Flerish V1.png

We are ready to Flerish! After a year of building, getting feedback, making improvements, and getting more feedback, we’ve launched our V1 app!

Building the app has been a labor of love for our team. We are dedicated to creating a great product that will truly make a difference in people’s lives. Developing ourselves and our careers is hard – if it were easy, everyone would be knocking it out of the park. We want to make it easier.

We started by listening. We spent countless hours speaking to people about what they were doing in their lives to develop naturally. Some people distinctly knew what they were doing to improve; others were less aware. What we heard most is that people improve by connecting with those they trust for advice and guidance and by taking small actions. Little by little, and with the sage guidance of people in their lives, they started getting where they wanted to go.

So, we said, “Ok! Let’s build it (and they will come, right?).” We started with the basic functionalities – connecting with others and creating efficiency around how we work with people in our lives to develop. We had a start, but who cares what we think? We had to bring it to the people!

Starting in September 2018, we went to the people! We began piloting with organizations across the country and eventually internationally. We worked first with NYU, then MUFG, USC, Watermark, Aquinas College, As We Dwell, and Edelman. Each organization brought unique perspective introduced the app to new users personas.

From end users, we’ve heard brilliant suggestions about how to improve the onboarding experience, how to make inviting people into the app easier and more accessible, the types of content that is most valuable, and much more. Each data point, usage trend, and instance of user feedback informs our design process and reinforces the improvements that will be most useful to our users and customer organizations.

This month, we launched our V1! The V1 experience makes it easier for you to create a hub for the team of people who help you develop, define and accomplish activities (objectives, actions, etc.) that contribute to your progress, and understand what you are doing (or could do) to improve yourself.

We’re so excited to be able to share what we’ve built so far and can’t wait to make it even better.

Download and check the app out via the App Store or Google Play and start Flerishing with us!

Flerish Inc.