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How to Build the Right Team for Success

The hardest part about assembling this blog was coming up with the perfect pop culture reference point to base it around, and after much deliberation and back and forth (“a sports team is too obvious!” “Not everyone has seen Ocean’s 11” “Get off YouTube cat videos, you have a deadline!”) the perfect archetype finally revealed itself—assembling your team that will help you achieve your goals is like building a boyband—essential to success, because every member of your team plays an essential role in the overall harmony of the group. (Get it? Harmony?!)

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How to Keep Deadlines for Commitments

Guys, accountability is important.

Consider this; you’re Batman. You’ve decided to devote your time and considerable fortune to fighting crime. You even go so far as to convince Police Commissioner Gordon in the crime-ridden city you live in to invest his time and resources into getting a massive searchlight in the shape of a bat that he can activate anytime he needs you to come and fight crime.

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