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Small Council, Big Contributors

If you’re at all like us, you’ve already got your calendar cleared for the next six Sunday nights, but even if you aren’t a fan of Game of Thrones, there’s one aspect of the show you should really consider embracing: The Small Council.

Of course, the ruler of the seven kingdoms can’t do it all on their own, they need support and fresh perspective to make sure all aspects of the kingdom flourish.

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Is Mary Poppins a Practically Perfect in Every Way Role Model?

Hey, did you hear? Mary Poppins has returned…in Mary Poppins Returns (that sounded better in our heads.) While we’re big on taking people who magically appear to ride down out of the sky on an umbrella at their word, how many people who profess to be “practically perfect in every way” turn out to actually be just that? We decided to dig deep into this so-called Poppins character and see if she really is the spoonful of sugar that helps the medicine go down or if she’s just a weirdo who benefitted from a time that didn’t have ample background check options on child care professionals. Read on and find out.

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Tom Brady - Great Talent or Great Advisors?

Hey, ever heard of this guy named Tom Brady? We hear he’s pretty good…

Ok, “good” doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of what Tom Brady is. Whether you’re a Pats fan or not, you cannot deny this man’s accomplishments. He’s one of two NFL players in history that have won 5 Super Bowls. He’s been lauded as the MVP of the Super Bowl 4 times and has a career in the NFL that spans almost 20 years, and he shows no signs of stopping yet. When you go that far, sure, raw talent comes in to play—but what about his coach, Bill Belichick, who’s been with him his entire NFL career?

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