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What You Can Learn from Meghan Markle

Unless you’re a mega fan of Suits, have every episode of Deal or No Deal memorized, or watched that weird RPatz movie Remember Me over a hundred times, chances are you weren’t familiar with Meghan Markle until she became engaged to Henry Charles Albert David, sorry, Prince Harry. Since they announced their engagement in November 2017, we’re pretty sure you know who she is by now. If not, you need to consider your life choices, because there’s a lot to admire about the Duchess of Sussex and we’re not just talking about her wardrobe. Although we do wish we could rock a tiara like she can.

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What Happens When Aspirations Change?

“Do you know what you want to be when you grow up?” That’s a loaded question, right? The older we get, the more fraught it becomes to answer. Who you wanted to be when you were five years old is more than likely not where you want to be now that you’re out in the world. Mainly, because unfortunately Firefighting Unicorn, or Fairy Princess of Candy Cane Mountain aren’t real professions…yet.

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