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Advisor Breakdown: Dumbledore

Hello, and unless you’ve been living under a rock (which in that case, please let us know how much rent is because LA housing prices are ridiculous) you probably know who Professor Dumbledore is (ok, sorry, Professor Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore.) The beloved Hogwarts headmaster from the Harry Potter series guided the titular hero (fancy-speak for “Harry Potter”) in his epic quest against Voldemort. Dumbledore served as both a mentor and a protector to Harry, and in Flerish-speak, we call that a twofer!

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What You Learned in High School Can Help You in the Modern Workplace

It’s a rare person who truly enjoys their time in high school, especially once they find out it’s nothing like what TV said it would be. Waking up early, having finals, the repeated amount of winter fire drills (not really a problem in Los Angeles, but some of us weren’t so lucky to grow up here and came from more northern climes…you think they let you stop by your locker to grab your coat when it’s 15 degrees outside and the fire alarm is ringing? Think again, my friend!)

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