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You deserve this.

To flourish is to find fulfillment in our lives — accomplishing meaningful tasks and connecting with others at a deeper level.


To flourish is to live in an authentic way that brings inner joy and happiness.


To flourish is to thrive.

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An app tool backed by science and driven by you.


Individual wellbeing starts with YOU, a personal life wellbeing tool designed to be your best cheerleader, mentor, community-connector, and guide for getting you to where you want to go. 

YOU provides four easy steps for you to achieve your goals:  

  • A short ASSESSMENT provides you with a simple index score.


  • The LEARN feed features daily curated insights. 


  • Through NETWORK you will achieve your goals with automated meeting calendaring, templates and encouragements.


  • With COACH, it is easy to connect to a world of live micro-coaching anytime, anywhere.  


Begin your journey with a Flourish assessment to access over 100 activities shown to promote well-being across the domains of happiness and life satisfaction, mental and physical health, meaning and purpose, character and virtue, close social relationships and financial and material stability.


Fortify your capacity to flourish each day through personalized content to help you further thrive. With you every step of the way are the most famous and quotable exemplars of each flourishing domain, rooting you on with their daily words of wisdom.


With an array of intuitive communication tools and templates, create a vibrant network of champions, friends and mentors to help you achieve your goals. 


It’s proven that positive change occurs faster and more sustainably when you have a coach to bolster your courage and hold you accountable. That is why we have made sure 1-on-1 coaching is part of our program.

Our coach partner


Flerish is proud to partner with TaskHuman. With TaskHuman, YOU members get 1-on-1 coaching, via live video call, with a nationwide dream-team of wellness professionals, on 800+ wellness topics. To learn more, please visit TaskHuman.


Character and Virtue


Health and Mental Wellness


Financial and Material Stability

Close Personal Relationships


Meaning and Purpose


Happiness and Life Satisfaction

The Assessment

Your results from the 12-question Flourishing Assessment will be delivered to you via the app and will point you to areas you can improve.


Depending on your personal or professional goals, you can choose to focus on any of the six domains identified from the Human Flourishing Framework.

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Get started today!

We look forward to learning more about you!

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