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Empower your team to take control of their own career growth and development through coaching, assessments, and more. Think of Flerish as a personal trainer for careers!


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Partner with Flerish to help employees take ownership of their professional development and career growth.


Invest in Your Teams

Get a 24/7/365 tool for your front-line management that can easily deploy with the employees they serve.


Target Key Talent

Flerish provides a digital career advisor that can be targeted at early-career employees, ERGs, high-potentials, and other key talent groups.

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“A business without loyalty is a business without long-term thinking. A business without long-term thinking is a business that’s unable to invest in the future. And a business that isn’t investing in tomorrow’s opportunities and technologies—well, that’s a company already in the process of dying.”
— -Reid Hoffman, The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age
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With Flerish, Your Team Can Expect


Long-Term Growth

We help your people grow professionally 24/7/365 and unlock a true sense of purpose.

Enhanced Development

Our IQ + EQ + NQ = Success framework provides employees with a comprehensive development formula personalized and customized to their specific needs and requirements.

Achievement of Goals

Like a Fitbit’s 10,000 steps, your employees can set clear objectives to help them stay on track.

IQ is not simply one’s cognitive ability to learn, but their knowledge, skills, and abilities. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is related to one’s self-awareness and helps a person understand their behaviors, emotions, and motivations at a deeper level. Networking Quotient (NQ) measures how good of a networker someone is and how diverse, engaged, and powerful a network they have.
— Mike Dulworth, author of The Connect Effect

Empowered Teams for a Stronger Organization

Flerish makes managers more effective by leveraging seemingly small interactions for big returns that help their employees reach optimum performance levels, continuously grow, and thrive. We help decrease turnover by enhancing the employee/manager relationship while boosting productivity and engagement so your organization can flourish.