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A YouFlerish Case Study

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

We love to hear feedback from our YouFlerish community!

Meet Elizabeth, who works for a client organization offering our YouFlerish program as an employee benefit. Elizabeth’s story as a young, early-in-her-career YouFlerish client is also shared by others in our community. “I was recently hired and during one of my first meetings on the job, I learned about YouFlerish. That night, I went home and downloaded the app and took the flourishing assessment. I don’t have a good understanding about finances, so after receiving my score, I clicked on the Financial Stability bar and was happily surprised to see several articles related to how to improve my score.

"One, in particular, was immediately interesting to me and after following the advice in the article, I went back through the last 60 days of everything I spent. This was really eye-opening because I didn’t realize how often I bought lunch out. So, I learned to limit myself to eating lunch out once a week and if I had money left over at the end of the month, I could save it versus spend it.

"In no time, I adjusted my habits so that now, I spend 50% of my income each month on mandatory expenses like rent, my student loan payments, electricity, and those types of things. Then, I set aside 30% to spend on things I want every month like my once-a-week lunches, new clothes, going out with my friends on the weekends and I save the rest. I can now put money towards my 401k (my company will match so I’m basically getting free money!) and set aside money for future trips, a car or other big ticket items.

"I’m really excited about my new plan. It’s helped me to focus on what’s important financially and get educated about my spending habits. YouFlerish is awesome!” As Elizabeth points out, she used the information she got from her Flourishing Assessment to help her prioritize where she needs to focus. We are confident that as she moves along her personal flourishing journey, she’ll find other ways to use the insights to help her thrive!

So what’s your story? Share it with us – we want to celebrate with you!

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