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Dealing with Anxiety

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the Flerish team is looking to engage you with some additional amazing features in the YouFlerish App, which can be found at the App Store or Google Play.

Now that you have completed your assessment, the journey begins. Select one of the Six Domains in which you need the most work and it’s time to get started! Today we’d like to share some information that you can access on the YouFlerish App at the bottom of your screen, particularly the Learn button. Click on the Learn button, and you are going to greatly benefit from the excellent tools available to you there. The Learn button has all types of interesting and informative articles, videos, quotes, and tips for success.

There are MANY great articles that will grab your attention while on the YouFlerish App under the Learn button. Give yourself the gift of time to just sit, uninterrupted, and look through ALL of the resources that are available to you under the Network, Learn, Coach, and Flourish buttons at the bottom of the App.

Today’s Flerishing Focus Challenge YouFlerish App users is to take some time for yourself this upcoming week and read an article that resonates with YOU in a domain you’re looking to flourish in.

An example of an article that may resonate with a great number of people…”Learning How to Deal with the Anxiety about Learning” by Fran Cherny and Nithya Shanti.

The article talks about how that train of thought creates anxiety. Do you ever have a need or a want to take a class to add to your array of tools for work, yet have great anxiety over learning how to do the task but not getting the time to practice and perfect what you’ve learned? Perhaps you include in your plan how to have a conversation about this with your Supervisor.

The YouFlerish App has many resources to help, whether that be reading articles that target this specific need, using the App to connect with a coach or mentor, or joining a group network on the App. The App can help you find ways to, in whatever way works best for you, learn and practice how to handle situations both at work or in your personal life.

As always, we at Flerish want you to know that we have many ways of helping with any need you may have on your journey toward the well-being you are seeking. Our goal is to help you be the YOU that you want to be!

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