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What Do You Know?

We are excited to share with you an empowering belief that is foundational to the YouFlerish group network function, Knowledge Networks.

As the architect of your group network, you can determine their purpose, size, shape, membership criteria, desired outcomes and norms. These networks are the perfect environment in which to test your blueprint for success.

Let’s say you need to develop expertise in a certain area and you wouldn’t mind advancing your career at the same time. Knowledge Networks offer you the chance to cultivate your own personal “Who’s Who” of experts.

Generate life-enriching changes in behaviors and skills, to support you and your network as you learn and grow together.

Everybody wins in a Knowledge Network. It’s an incredibly efficient way for members to expand not only knowledge but their personal influence, without having to fight for the mic to be heard.

Here are some ideas to get your Knowledge Network party started:

  1. Land on a subject you want to learn more about.

  2. Create a roster of experts from lists of colleagues, conference speakers, friends, friend referrals, best-selling author lists, etc.

  3. Contact with your prospects and let them know why this knowledge is important and beneficial.

  4. Ask prospective members for the names of exemplars they would like in the network and reach out to them, too.

Nervous? Don’t be. Here’s a proven approach to connecting with VIPs.

In approaching these busy people, inform them that while this “mastermind group” is virtual, it is not through Zoom. Their participation will be at their convenience. It’s self-paced; like a turbo-charged Twitter account, but designed for them to further flourish in ways simply not available through any other modern means.

Become more familiar with the Share, Ask and Encouragement functions as these dynamic tools will engage your members and keep even the most crazy-busy VIP coming back for more.

Think about how you would want to make the most of a Knowledge Network. We’d love to hear from you!

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