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Happy Well-Being Month!

We are excited about this month of well-being. June 12th is the official day of well-being and while the rest of the world is just now recognizing the importance of thriving, you already have made progress on your personal well-being journeys! Our focus this month is on building a success team. It’s truly important to have mentors - they should be people who you trust as well as people who give you honest feedback.

Once you have identified the domain(s) you want to prioritize, click on the Network button at the bottom of your screen. It will take you to the screen to select your domain. After clicking on your choice, a bit lower on your screen, click on the Member+ button. This is your opportunity to invite the people you want to be your mentor/mentors.

There are two ways to invite others to help you. The first is to click Invite From Contacts. Select your preferred contact. If you do not have a contact listed, you can add the email information at the bottom of your screen and click next. You will then be on the screen to click and paste the invitation link.

I would suggest you call each person you want to invite and ask them if they would serve in this role for you. That will give them a heads up so they can watch for the invitation from YouFlerish. It really is an honor to serve as a mentor to someone. After you have added the invitation link, take the opportunity to personalize it with a short but meaningful message before sending the invitation out. YouFlerish will let you know when your supporter has accepted the invitation.

Now the work AND the fun begins!

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