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Have Mentor, Will Travel

The opportunity to learn from and experience intellectual stimulation with someone who shares your interests and expertise is a mutually beneficial relationship that increases knowledge, productivity, ideas and ultimately success.

Your mentor will help you on your life’s journey.

Now, it’s time to flourish.

In the YouFlerish app, go to your Coach button. Next, tap 1:1 MENTORING. This will take you to Network where you will see domain icons and one for Add Network. Tap Add Network and, on the following screen, enter in an area of your life on which you’d like to focus. Now it’s time to decide who to select as your mentor. Who inspires you? Who has provided help or support in areas of your life that have helped you? It’s important to remember that, depending on which domain you’re working on, you might have several different mentors, one for each domain, or you might find one who can truly help you across all six.

Maybe, if you’re working on Character and Virtue, it might be a member of your clergy, a trusted supervisor (current or past), or a colleague whose virtues you admire. Make sure you have a conversation with that person and ask them if they are willing to be your mentor and let them know they will be receiving an invitation through Flerish. Then, select Add member, and tap the Meeting button and set up your first mentor meeting!

One last thing, we want to hear how your meeting went! To tell us, click the Learn button and at the top of the screen, you will find the Feedback button. Give us any feedback you want to share.

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