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Build Your Own Dream Team

I’m excited to share with you this amazing article– which has now become one of my favorite reads of all time – about Karl-Anthony Towns, NBA player for the Minnesota Timberwolves. The actions he took OFF the court were most impressive as it relates to using your NETWORK.  Mr. Towns was in a bubble with other NBA teammates related to the issues of social justice. He was tired of just talking about the issues and not seeing progress. He wanted to act and to get others to help him realize a goal. First, he thought about what changes he wanted to see. And then, he identified a network of twelve people that he knew could make change possible.   So, like Karl-Anthony, let’s identify your goal, think about who you want in your network to help you and use YouFlerish to connect your resources. Build your own Dream Team to help you realize the changes you want to see. 

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