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Updated: Jan 27, 2021

Executive Networks and The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University Partner to Launch the Global Flourishing Research Collective Peer research initiative, co-developed by leaders of The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard and Executive Networks, helps organizations better understand employee needs and provide holistic support. SAN FRANCISCO – January 22, 2021 – To help organizations worldwide better understand employee needs and support their ability to flourish, Executive Networks (EN) is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with The Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University as they launch the Global Flourish Research Collective. With the lines between work and home blurred, companies need a new roadmap, better tools and more insights to help people adjust. With the dramatic shifts in company culture and disconnected work teams, the risk to companies has never been greater. Getting deeper insights on risks, warning markers and insights on employee well-being could greatly benefit a company focused on staying relevant and productive. In partnership with Flourishing Metrics, LLC, which is inclusive of Harvard’s The Human Flourishing Program, Executive Networks and researchers Tyler J. VanderWeele, Ph.D., Matt F. Wilson, Ph.D. and Todd W. Hall, Ph.D.will introduce members of this network to the Global Flourish Research Collective.

The Global Flourish Research Collective is founded on the following principles: 1) Work is changing. Rapidly changing dynamics of the workplace, especially within the context of COVID-19, has exposed the need for companies to support employee well-being in new, more holistic ways. 2) New paradigms are needed. Traditional wellness programs that focus solely on physical and mental health are inadequate for the workplace. Employers need to understand what makes employees truly flourish. 3) We manage what we measure. A holistic understanding of an employee flourishing requires new measurements and tools. 4) Problems are not solved in isolation. Developing workplace solutions and identifying programs that move the needle for employees and business are best done collaboratively.

As part of their participation in the Global Flourish Research Collective, participating companies will enjoy these benefits:

· The Flourishing Assessment: The Flourishing Metrics team provides an assessment link to each company so that they can measure and assess how well their people are flourishing.

· Executive Level Report: The Flourishing Metrics team will prepare a unique report for each company, provide an executive level briefing on the report and share areas of opportunity or celebration based on the assessment results.

· Global Flourishing Network: Companies will come together in a dynamic peer knowledge network to benchmark, share insights and best practices and collaborate on innovations to help their organizations, managers and employees flourish.

· Flerish Platform & the YOU wellness app: All participating companies will have an opportunity to share the tools and insights geared for the individual via the YOU wellness app. Flerish is an integrated ecosystem that enables individuals and organizations to grow and thrive. This unique platform leverages the insights you will have gained from the Flourish Assessment to support managers and individuals with the content, coaching and mentorships they need for their personal learning journeys.

“Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, companies are struggling with the employee and cultural challenges of remote working, including social isolation, decreases in mental health, uneven productivity levels, virtual team management and a host of other important issues,” said Mike Dulworth, CEO and founder of Executive Networks. “Executive Networks is in a unique position to not only curate world-renowned resources for member benefit, but it will set the stage for innovative and unique solutions required by the Global 1000 companies.”

“Traditional engagement surveys fall short as a measure of employee commitment. Belonging remains difficult to measure and even harder to scale,” Dr. Anna Tavis, Director, Human Capital Management Program at New York University. “HR is positioned to play an ever-growing role in supporting the expanding health and well-being needs employees rely on to thrive”.

For more information about the initiative, visit Executive Networks.

About Executive Networks

EN is a collection of exclusive, invitation-only member communities specifically created for HR leaders from the world’s largest, most complex global organizations. With EN, members are instantly connected to a trusted network of fully vetted peers, all helping one another navigate each other’s unique challenges. The result? True peer connections, better decisions, reduced corporate risk and more innovation.

About Harvard University’s Human Flourishing Program

The Human Flourishing Program is an academic program located within the Institute for Quantitative Social Science at Harvard University, part of Harvard’s Faculty of Arts and Sciences.

The Human Flourishing Program aims to contribute to, bring together, and disseminate knowledge from various academic fields on topics fundamental to human flourishing and to develop and implement systematic approaches to the synthesis of knowledge across disciplines.

About Flerish

Flerish is a holistic, integrated wellness platform designed to give organizations and individuals the insight and tools they need to thrive. Flerish is designed for whole-human wellness focusing the individual’s personal assessment from the Harvard Human Flourishing Program where six life domains are reviewed and scored. Supported by AI-driven customized content, live micro-coaching, and mentoring networks, individuals are encouraged to meet personal goals and celebrate successes on their learning journeys.

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