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You Need More Than a Mentor

Let’s talk about mentors and personal sponsors. I remember several times throughout my past that if I had access to a mentor or sponsor, I would have handled things differently. Doors could have opened, opportunities would have been more evident and my career could have been on a faster trajectory. So, what exactly is a mentor or a personal sponsor? A mentor is someone who helps you with challenges, goals, and helps you look at things through a different lens. A personal sponsor can be thought of as your best cheerleader. Both can help you grow and develop and they share their insights on how to succeed. They encourage you to learn how to problem solve, to expand your perspective and to cheer you on when you need a boost. On your YouFlerish app, select the LEARN tab, to discover many great quotes and articles designed to help you choose a mentor. According to JPMorgan Chase’s article entitled, "Traditional mentoring can't keep up today's pace of change. Here's how to rethink it," number one, on the list of five recommendations: find a sponsor not just a mentor. Going deeper on this, the article points out that, "the best sponsors double as advocates, connecting protégés to key people, jobs, and assignments." Once you have found the person you would like to invite to be your mentor or sponsor, go right to the YouFlerish app click on the Add Network, pick which of the six domains you want to work on OR come up with your own, and start building up your Network for Success, including inviting your mentor or sponsor to join you.

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