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Flerish is a free platform designed to empower flourishing. This means that our program is ideal for individuals and the organizations they support. Our approach is to provide "Growth for Both" - tools delivered to support the person and programs delivered via team leaders using organizational insights. 


Personal App


Our people-forward solution... a well-being app designed to help us all flourish.

Harvard University - Human Flourishing Program-Crimson-Hi-Res_edited_edited_edited_edited.

Flourishing Metrics


Organization insights... well-being partnerships designed to predict and enhance flourishing.


A marketplace of solutions

Actionable Insights

Transform data into priorities for your team and improve well-being across your organization.

Are you ready to flourish?

If you are a team leader for your organization, we want to help you! Let us know who are you and we'll get you setup with all that you need to lead your company and your teams to flourishing.

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